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Pink Cloud Media was created with the sole purpose of helping businesses who may not have had the resources to help themselves. Our founder, Josh Lang has infused our company with the idea that passion and creativity are the vehicle that can take a company wherever it wants to go. The brainstorm platform we have created is our vehicle of choice and believe that this personable and collaborative approach will create a safe space for businesses to get the help they need.

“The virtual brainstorm platform is important because I want everyone who works with us to see and feel our passion for helping their business.”

Founder Josh Lang


Our Founder

Founder Josh Lang comes from a background in the hospitality world, where he served as one of the most sought-after strategic marketing minds on the Las Vegas Strip, where Josh cut his teeth while working as an senior level marketing executive for two of the worlds most renowned hospitality companies, The Light Group and Clique Hospitality.

“My passion will forever and always be in hospitality. There is something about that environment that just makes me smile. The atmosphere and energy are electric, and the spirit of competition and comradery is something I will always cherish. Today I am transferring that energy into my company and the companies that we are fortunate to work with.” – Josh Lang.

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